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United Services Canada is a Canadian firm that provides full immigration services to individuals or families that wish to move temporarily or permanently into Canada. The services we provide cover the first step of assessing your eligibility for moving to Canada to the final step of welcoming you to Canada

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Canada is a country populated largely by immigrants from all over the world. Every year, Canada welcomes thousand of immigrants into Canada, which they call Permanent Resident (Landed Immigrant). People who obtained Canadian permanent residence status have the rights to live, work, and study in Canada.

Below are the lists of a number of ways to apply for the permanent residence status in Canada. We are pleased to offer you full assistance in applying for any of these categories:

1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration
- based on education, skills, and foreign experience

2. Business Class Canada Immigration
- based on experience in managing or investing in businesses

3. Family Class Immigration
- sponsoring family members for coming to Canada

4. Perth immigration agent

We also offers services in assisting individuals who wish to temporarily reside in Canada for working, studying, or excursion purposes.

Canada Immigration Bar Under Attack: Regulation Of “Consultants” Sets Dangerous Precedent
by Sergio R. Karas

home_imageApril 13, 2004, marked the advent of a new era in Canada immigration law, ushered by a frontal assault on the Canada immigration Bar. A new regulatory regime legitimizes the activities of so-called “immigration consultants”, non-lawyers who were until now unregulated and the subject of much controversy. The new regulations compromise the administration of justice, create unfair competition and allow, with the federal government’s blessing, the unauthorized practice of law. They also highlight the failure of the Canadian legal profession to vigorously defend its members, protect the public interest and the rights of those most vulnerable.

To be sure, dealing with the problem of unlicensed Canada immigration practitioners is a worthwhile goal, but with the new scheme the federal government failed to ensure consumer protection by prohibiting non-lawyers from representing prospective immigrants and refugees, choosing instead to create yet another regulatory body, to legitimize their business activities at home and abroad.

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